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"Rome International Art Fair" 08.03-20.03 2024

Updated: Apr 7

In the period 08 March - 22 March, I participate with a picture called "BONDING - in between" at the Medina art gallery in Rome, as part of the "Rome International Art Fair - 9th Edition 2024" (08.03-22.03). Medina is located in three premises next to each other at street level, address: 32-34-36 Via Angelo Poliziano 00184, centrally located in the center of Rome .

Completed exhibitions in Italy 2023 and 2024

This is the third exhibition this picture has participated in in Italy during the last 4 months: "Venice International Art Fair 2023 - 18th Edition" (17.11-01.12) and "Contemporary Venice 2023 - 13th Edition" (15.12- 05.01). The picture has been invited to participate in these exhibitions by the art organization "Its Liquid" in collaboration with "ACIT Venice - Italian-German Cultural Association". During this period I have unfortunately also had to turn down other exhibition offers in Italy due to consideration of logistics between the exhibitions.

The picture series Bonding

The image "BONDING - in between" is image no. 2 in a series of three different but related motifs: "BONDING - in", "BONDING - in between", and "BONDING - out". The images' visual motif consists of patterns constructed from detail from a snapshot from my own collection. The pictures can be printed in two sizes: 80x120 cm and 100x150 cm. The motif is printed on high-quality acrylic glass with an aluminum backing and integrated attachment for wall mounting. These motifs will be printed in a limited edition of a maximum of 25 copies per motif and size. (NB! The picture on the wall is 100x150 cm.)

Motivation for designing the picture series Bonding

For a long time I amused myself by creating visual pattern motifs constructed from details from random snapshots I've taken. Not knowing in advance what possibilities lie in the limitations of using random snapshots can give me positive surprises along the way and inspire my own work process. By using random snapshots as a starting point for the creative process, the image motifs also get an authentic, undirected and rough feel, which in this context is considered as an aesthetic quality.

Background for designing the picture series Bonding

It was summer. Every day I walked on the beach and passed the same bush with white flowers. The flowers grew and became more beautiful every day. I thought one day I would photograph them, but I didn't. One day a hurricane came and destroyed the bush so violently that only a few broken remains remained of what had been beautiful flowers. Then I took my picture. Then I went home and constructed a new floral motif - or it constructed itself. Based on my random snapshot, the destroyed flowers have resurrected and created themselves in a new version. By intertwining in their own network, they have both become stronger and formed a new bond with themselves. The bush with flowers is still beautiful, but now in a different way.”

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